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      Hi all,

      I've searched and haven't come up with an answer yet — with the Quadravox, I know that each harmony can come out on its own delay. But it seems to me that there's no way to get them evenly spaced. No matter how I set it, at least one of the harmonized notes is at a different delay rate than the others. Does this make sense?

      Anyway, what I want is for each one to be evenly spaced. As an example, original note then a 300ms delay before the first harmony, from there a 300ms delay to the 2nd harmony, and so forth to the 4th harmony.

      Any suggestions?

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      Turn the Delay B knob until the display reads . A . B . C . D (approximately 1 o'clock on the knob).  Set the Delay A knob to 1200 ms.  The delay times of four voices are spaced evenly at that setting, with the longest delay time being displayed and adjusted by the Delay A knob.   (Somewhat counterintuively – this will indicate the Delay D value).  That should result in Delay A  = 300 ms., Delay B = 600 ms., Delay C = 900 ms., and Delay D at the 1200 ms. value.

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      Thanks. Sorry it took so long for me to verify this — I just haven't had enough time in the last week to actually get to my gear, fire it up, and test it out. Tried it a few hours ago and it worked like a charm. I wish there was a longer total delay available, though. 1400 ms isn't really enough for what I was trying to do. Ah, well.

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