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      I have two pitchfactors.  I dumped the entire memory from one to the other.  But here’s the thing: when I call up presets on the older pitchfactor by sending it program changes, the programs recall and the unit is “not bypassed” or active.  When I recall program changes on the newer unit, they all come up in bypass mode! Since I dumped the entire memory contents from the old one to the new one I expected them to react the same to program changes.

      What am I doing wrong?

      <span style=”font-size: inherit;”>thanks,</span>

      <span style=”font-size: inherit;”>mike</span>

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      Not sure why that happened.  Kind of a pain, but you can set each preset to Active on the new one, and re-save the presets there.  Might be less painful in the app.  Sorry, I don’t know of a way to ‘bulk process’ the PF.

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