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      …if i can set up my rig like this, and if the pitchfactor will work how i want it to. i'm considering keeping the pitchfactor in my rack, and changing presets using midi. i'm hopefully running it in stereo like this:

      boogie combo fx loop send -> pitchfactor (pf) mono in ->

      -> pf left out -> gmajor left in -> gmajor left out-> power amp in (extension spkr)

      -> pf right out -> gmajor right in -> gmajor right out -> boogie fx loop return

      can i:

      – set it up like this?

      – set up harmonies (a 5th above the original note, etc.), so that i can set up presets for a 5th, a 3rd, etc.?

      – use an expression pedal to move from the original note to the preset
      harmony, so that the original note is still played underneath?

      – use it like a whammy pedal – pitch shift the original note up an
      octave or two so that each channel plays only the pitched note?

      – separate out the original note and the harmonized note – run the original on the left side, the harmonized on the right?

      – use my boss fv-500L expression pedal with it?


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      Hello Vinnies,

      PitchFactor is a stereo processor so the connections you described should work.

      You can set up presets for +/- up to 3 octaves and anywhere in between!

      You can set up an expression pedal to change harmonies on the fly.

      You can use it like a whammy pedal. The effect is called PitchFlex in PitchFactor.

      You could run the original note on one side and the harmony on the other of you set Mix to 100% wet and set one of the pitches to Unison.

      The Boss FV-500L should work with a stereo cable.


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      thanks alan…

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