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      Since Eventide excels at pitch tracking, shifting, modulation, and now synthesis (via Synthonizer[tm]), why not offer the Ringulator, a pitch-tracking Ring Modulator that uses a shifted offset from the input pitch as the modulating carrier wave? This would result in pitch-relative consistent ring-modulated tones. For instance, the shifted offset could be setup for gong-like tones, but one could play these tones like a musical instrument (e.g. C,E,G input plays C,E,G output, not some other difference tones).

      I've played with this concept both with the Pigtronix pedal and a wiring up Moog analog pedals. The result is infinitely more usable than standard Ring Modulation and would make a great addition to the PitchFactor. Options on the carrier wave form (square, triangle, saw, sine, etc) could create additional ring-mod characteristics.

      I think this could be prototyped on the H8000 for starters; then play with it and see what I mean. This could be a very powerful effect and a great feature.



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      Eventide Staff

       Great Idea, perhaps a feature upgrade to an existing Eventide product with a ringmod 😉

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