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      I have the pitchfactor. 

      The most amazing update you could give this pedal would be to send MIDI out of the notes it arpeggiates so other gear could sync and play the same notes as the pitch factor.

      Imagine playing guitar and simultaneously playing an analogue synth VIA MIDI!!!!

      Now imagine you could Harpeggiate some arps to that analogue synth!!

      question: has this EVER been considered? 

      If not PLEASE pass on the message.

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      I was just thinking about this today. My set up is bass guitar into PitchFactor into a Nord Micro Modular then in a TimeFactor. To have the PitchFactor send the notes it triggers for the Diatonic and Quadravox to the Nord's oscillators would be fantastic. 

      Is it even possible with the internal mechanisms? If the PitchFactor is aware of the actual note pitch played, it should be able to transmit it too.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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