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      I’m a newbie here and a newbie on Eventide products. Can’t seem to find any answers on these two questions.


      1) I just bought a used PitchFactor that is still with software version 3.0.0[19] which I can’t bank down. I like to know if I update it, do I need to go through the previous versions accordingly or can I just jumped straight to the latest  ver 5.0.0 [4]?


      2) Based on what I have read about updating issues, I think the H9 Control App is the one to use first and if it fails, then Direct Updater? I have Windows 7.



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      Eventide Staff

      You should be able to go straight to the latest version. BUT YOU MUST do a full re-initialize (see UM) afterwards.


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      Ok, thanks Nick. That helps.



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