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      Cro Aloha

      Hi, I just picked up a new Pitchfactor and it is blowing my mind, but I ran into something I can't find any info about in the manual.

      I've been messing around with the Diatonic setting, putting pitch A at a 3rd and pitch B at a 5th. When I have both outputs connected from the Pitchfactor, pitch A is all the way to the left and pitch B is all the way to the right.

      I want both of them to come out of both outputs! And since I have a stereo signal going into the Pitchfactor, I don't want to have to lose that stereo signal just in order to have the harmonies on the same output channel.

      Is there a way to set the Pitchfactor to output both harmonies to both outputs?


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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Cro Aloha,

      Most of the algorithms in PF have two shifters.  In true stereo mode the A shifter is on the left channel, and the B shifter is on the right.  That is why they come out panned like that, because the box is true stereo.  If you want to do 3 part harmonies with both channels you should try Quadravox.  Set A and C to the first interval, then B and D to the second interval.  You will then have a true stereo 3 part harmony.


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