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      I think a few users have asked about a visual aid to creating patches on the Pitchfactor.  The limiting factor of having only one parameter displayed at any time whilst fine for live use is tricky for editing. 

      Wanting to plunder the depths of this fantastic pedal I have created a studioware panel for use with cakewalk/sonar at least until anything better comes along.  I thought other users may like to try this too..

      You can grab it here..




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      This is very cool.  Do you have any leads for those of us not on cakewalk on any other DIY editors out there?

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      I did look at a few alternatives – other midi software that allows you to control devices but opted for something I'd used (way) in the past due to its flexibility for visual design.  Ultimately controlling the PF via MIDI is easy – but its trying to provide reference to what it's actually doing thats hard to replicate.

      There are two main challenges – 1) the pedals parameters are not built top down from a MIDI approach so CC numbers dont relate to discrete values.  Eg. An attack of -10 to +10 on the HarPeggiator has to relate to values 0 – 127 on a MIDI CC.  I havent delved into any complicated algorithms to show the true value of attack based on the value of the CC.  A knob in many cases suffices as a visual aid to where this is.

      2) Many of the knob parameters relate specific (and non-linear) options.  Eg Pitch in most cases refers to harmonic intervals which need to be named to make sense. Again I havent created any stunning look-up table or reference – a slider control with parameters marked along the scale works fine.

      It just takes a little patience to work thru the knobs for each effect to monitor at what CC value the parameter changes and then how to display this visually.

      Short of Eventide giving us the software (ported from the unit and similarly synced up via MIDI/USB) I'm not sure there are many more options out there to be able to do this.  I'm sure many folk are okay to sit down with pencil & paper – I just like to see whats going on!!

      A few images of the panels…


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