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      Hi Everyone,

      I'm a frequent visitor but first time poster. I own a Pitchfactor and a Timefactor pedal that I run in the fx loop of my guitar amplifier. Sometimes just after I power up my pitchfactor, it starts scrolling through all it's presets, landing on one then switching very quickly to another, over and over again. The fix seems to be unplugging it, reinitializing it – holding down the middle foot switch and encoder knob at the same time until it initializes then i set it to the one program i use on it, micropitchshift.

      This will sometimes happen more than once in a set. The Pitchfactor is a big part of my sound obviously, and this is quite bothersome.

      Oh, and I do have the latest software versions installed.

      Has anybody heard of this or experienced this?


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      Eventide Staff

      It's sounds like a bad solder joint somewhere. Hopefully it is still under warranty. Either way, support@eventide.com

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