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      hello world !

      sorry for my ignorance i'm frednch 😉

      i tried to dump all sysex

      it's seem to work on the pedal

      but i don't understand something, where does the files are going ?

      on my axon the computer propose a folder

      but with pitch factor no way

      i don't understand

      please help !


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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – this sounds like a computer problem which we can't do much about.

      But, watch this space for relevant announcements to come.

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      thanks for the answer !

      i tried on my saloon and computer , the pedal is recognize but no dump working

      and on my laptop, pedal is not recognize.

      Do you you think the update could do something ? (i wanted to dump to make it actually, anyone try ?)

      thanks a lot for your precious help

      have a nice day


Viewing 2 reply threads
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