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      I seem to maybe be having a bit of a brain-fart with PitchFactor's Tempo setting in regard to its effect on a preset's delay times. Smile

      Example: if I bring up factory preset 13:2 ("Pitch Drama", a Quadravox one), its delay time is set in milliseconds. But let's say I want to know what that particular setting is in BPM instead while still maintaining its original delay time, perhaps to sync PF up with another unit I'm using that's also based on BPM.

      I had been under the impression that you could figure this out by 1) in "Play" mode, clicking the Tap button once to see what it's current delay setting is in ms, then 2) clicking the Encoder to toggle Tempo on/off….doing so now says 102 BPM for this preset. And if I set my other units to 102 BPM while the preset's Tempo setting is back to OFF, everything appears to sync up fairly nicely…so far, so good.

      But the thing is: the preset's delay time apparently changes to something completely different when Tempo is set to ON for a preset that originally had it OFF (such as factory 13:2), and displaying BPM values for its Delay time, then when Tempo is set to OFF…!
      It sounds like just toggling the preset's Tempo setting drastically changes it's Delay time.

      Does toggling a preset's Tempo setting change what it's default delay time actually is? I was under the impression that doing so would only shift between millisecond and its translation to BPM in how it's displayed and handled, and vice versa (i.e. X ms = Y BPM for the preset)…apparently I'm totally misunderstanding. Embarrassed


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      Try changing the delay knobs to quarter note setting after turning Tempo ON. Then the delay time should sound the same.

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