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      I've had a my Pitchfactor a few weeks now and am loving it. Been using Crystal and Diatonic quite a bit.

      I play in a band that plays noisey, My Bloody Valentine influenced songs, that verges a little on punk in places.

      In one of our newest songs, there's fuzzy, more delicate playing through the verse then it goes into a chorus that has more depth in the sound.

      At the moment whilst you can hear this change, it's not as pronounced as I would like.

      I don't want the sound to get louder, but I would like the guitar sound to get thick, deeper and more powerful.

      What would be the best setting to use on this? I had some though to use Diatonic but as the chords change a few times I wasn't sure if it would track / work successfully?

      Would micro-pitch or octaver at the right setting?

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      Micropitch would thicken the sound, especially if you tastefully use it …maybe with some fuzz..for that MBV kinda sound.

      Also for thickening, you could try using a short delay to widen the sound …7ms is one technique is used for that kinda thing.

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      Eventide Staff

      I know MBV uses reverse reverb, and while the PF doesn't have that, it does have Crystals which is pitch-shifted reverse chunks with reverb.  You could try setting the reverse time(s)  (in tempo mode) to 1/4 note or a 1/2 note, and setting the pitches at +/- 3-9 cents, and then using lots of reverb and not much feedback.  It won't sound like crystals anymore, but it might get you what you're looking for.   

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      Thanks for the suggestion badmelonfarmer!

      Sorry for the delay getting back to you – I've been away.

      Micropitch seems like a good answer, should boost the range of sounds without a direct increase in volume – like the idea of a short delay, thanks!

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      Hi Wedelcih

      Thanks, that's a really interesting idea, and I can;t wait to get home and try it out! I've used crystals a lot, but what you're suggesting sounds like it could have a really interesting, unique sound.


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