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      I’m working on setting up my pedalboard. The heart of my board is a Boss ES-8. I have a preset in each bank which is designated to the PitchFactor’s tuner. At the moment I have it set to send turn on the PitchFactor’s Loop on the ES-8, and send MIDI CC to activate the PF’s tuner. This is all working well except for when I’m done tuning.

      Ideally I would just be able to tap any preset other than the tuner and have it send a CC to exit tuner mode… Come to find out, it appears that the PF only recieves a toggle… Meaning sending a CC value of 127 will only switch the state of the tuner, rather than only turning it on (which would allow me to send a 0 value to turn it off…)

      I’m really stumped here because as far as I know, there is no way to send a value when you leave a preset from the es-8, and there is also no way to send a 0 value to turn off the tuner. If there were, I could just have every bank send it a 0 value… That way if I left the tuning preset, it would automatically exit the tuner…

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