PitchFactor V 3.0.0[19] not working on FactorLib?

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      Perhaps I am finding this out much too late after I upgraded my PitchFactor from 2.3.0[2] to 3.0.0[19]. But as soon as my PitchFactor is connected to my Windows XP via USB, the FactorLib (V 1.8) just freezes. In fact, it freezes all apps currently open in my XP computer. Good thing the mouse still works.  The PC will only unfreeze if I disconnect the USB cable from the pitchFactor.

      Whether I launch the FactorLib before or after the PitchFactor is powered and connected to the PC, it will freeze my computer!

      Here's the thing though: I have read just now that FactorLib does not work on SW Ver 3 of the stompboxes. But I was having this problem on V 2.3.0[2] of the PitchFactor. I found out when I attempted to backup my presets prior to upgrading the software. I think I managed to save my presets named as 'my_PF_settings.syx'. But I cannot access it through the FactorLib anymore cause it freezes as soon as the PitchFactor is connected.

      Is there a solution to this? Or am I in the same boat as everyone else?

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      Eventide Staff

      I'm afraid that this may be a problem unique to your PC, which would make it hard to fix.  Since V2.3 is much earlier than FactorLib, I could believe that the two would not work together. There were problems with early beta versions of V3, but the full release should be fine.

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