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      I have a PF set up in stereo in my rig. Two inputs (from FX loop through an A/B box capable of selecting both inputs active OR either IN1 OR IN2 as active).

      Now. Using the preset Vibra Chorus I have a strange behaviour:

      – when both inputs to the PF are active. everything is fine.

      – when only IN1 is active I get sound to one (OUT1) amp only

      – when only  IN2 is active I get no sound at all. It´s all muted.

      Is this normal and just some stupid error on my side.

      The other presets are all fine (haven´t tested all of hen but Chorus for instance)

      Any help appreciated – Thanks!

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      That preset has the Pitch Mix at A10 + B0.  You might want to change that to A10 + B10 to see if it makes a difference.  I have a feeling that your system settings under Bypass might be contributing, with KillDry set to Yes.  I have a stereo rig here, but it's a series routing to a rack mixer, while yours is in an FX loop.

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      Thanks I will try this asap!!

      Br Lars

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      The mix change did the trick – thanks!!!


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