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      I recently tried to update my Pitchfactor firmware to the 5.2.0 update and it gave an error message while the pedal flashed “BAD” at around 30% and shuts the pedal off.

      Now when I try to power it up it just flashes quickly then shuts off. Update mode is the only mode that currently works

      I wanted to try to update from a file but i cannot find any firmware downloads anywhere. I am assuming since during the update it erases the older firmware,  the Pitchfactor just has no firmware to run off of.


      Here is a list of things I’ve already tried

      • Factory reset (doesn’t let me since it just shuts off)
      • Updating again (I’ve tried many times)
      • Using a different computer to update


      I am doing this all on Windows.



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      Could you send a quick email to support@eventide.com with a link to this forum post?  I think we'll want to send you an alternative updater that you can use on Windows together with the update file.

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      Alright, I sent the email with the link included.

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