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      Apparently in the newest s/w release, "an issue has been fixed where tapping delays in non-tempo mode displayed greater delay values than were actually present"; however, I still see values in the 800-900 range, when the bpm is 75.

      Is this still an issue despite the upgrade notes? 

      Thanks and apologies if this has been discussed: haven't been able to find that discussion if so.


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      Eventide Staff

      The issue referred to was not an accuracy problem, it was that the unit allowed you to select a value greater than the maximum.

      75 BPM is 1.25 beats per second, which corresponds to 1000/1.25 = 800 mS, so what you see is probably correct.

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      Ah! Excellent. Thanks. Big Smile The beat sounded right, but the varied readouts represented in bpm or ms must have thrown me. Not to fuss, but is there any way to have them read in the same format?

      Thanks again.


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