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      I searched to see if I could find anyone mentioning this problem.  I couldn't find anything. 

      I am using the beta V3 software.  I use my Pitchfactor with a MIDI switcher (the Musicom MKIII) although that is irrelevant because the "bug" I am getting happens whether I am switching with the MKIII or just switching with the the buttons on the pedal.  I often use the Pitchflex setting to add Octaves to my sound. 

      Here is the bug:  sometimes when I am switching from one preset TO a preset with pitchflex that is supposed to be adding octaves above and/or below what I am playing it is initially adding some different interval than an octave.  I can fix it by doing one of the following: a. by pressing the "flex" button. or 2. by turning the "shape" paramater. 

      any help?  is this a bug?  or am I setting something wrong?



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      Eventide Staff

      Hi graasmin,

      I believe this is a bug. Good Catch!  We're looking into to for V3.0.  Stay tuned. 


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