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      Hi all

      5 or 6 years on i am still digging into the H9 ( i have 2) algos, tweaking , routing, inventing and on the whole i have been really pleased with it.  However, with experience  i am aware that it doesnt do absolutely everything perfectly. Tracking for me is the biggest bug bear and when you are constantly using it live it can be a pain to have to ‘play through’ the glitches and tracking issues. So my question is around the Ptichflex… the band is now doing Hotel California and i have to do all the parts on my 1 guitar. I am trying to do this without using the capo, setting the H9 to pitch 7 frets higher for the intro etc…… 

      Hmmm well. The tracking and gltiching now includes a warble which i cant live with and have gone back to using the capo. 

      I have tried the H9 in the FX and the H9 in front of the amp.  No change

      I have tried increasing the input. No change

      I have messed with the settings (forever) no change

      Could someone let me know where i am going wrong or point me to another algo that could resolve things for me?

      Or am i  asking too much of the unit.




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      Eventide Staff

      Pitch tracking is difficult on a real time unit like the H9. (It's much easier on a DAW).

      Sounds like you have tried most things.

      • Level is important (the overload light should flash occasionally – if it does not, increase the input level.
      • It can only track one note at a time – play accordingly.


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      If you’re hoping the H9 will pitch up or down like the Digitech Drop or Whammy DT, it won’t. The pitchflex is mostly for solo harmonies or tracking of single notes into the higher registers. It’ll passably do 12 string for periods but wouldn’t rely on it for more than a song. The strength of the H9 lies elsewhere although can do a great job in replacing a whammy especially when paired with Evenmidi Pitchy.

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