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      Using the H3000 as a send to an aux track would you:

      1. make it the bus before the reverb and delay?

      2. Make it the last bus in the chain?

      Using it as a pull down plugin directly on the fader, would it be before or after compression and eq?

      Thanks in advance for any advice!

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      There really is no right or wrong answer for where you place effects in your signal, it is up to the artist and what type of effect they are trying to achieve.

      The H300 Factory plug-in is a multi-FX processor, so depending on what effect you are using you may want to use it as an insert on a single track, or use it as a bus/aux send effect and send multiple tracks to be processed at once. EQ/compression could be place before or after (or before and after) the H3000 depending on the scenario.

      The best advice I could offer is to experiment and find out what works for you and whatever you are working on.

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      Thanks for responding!

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