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      I was wondering if Eventide is going to add a function that some people have been complaining about in other forums (read on…)

      Is it possible to incorporate in the firmware, a function to allow any of the Factor boxes to designate a "default" effect while the box is in "Play" mode?  For example, if I'm using a ModFactor on Bank mode, and I'm on a preset that uses a Chorus effect, I'd like to be able to switch back to Play mode and have it go back to say a Tremolo as a default effect while in Play mode.

      It would be cool if this was implemented as a function for a future release and it could be selectable where one could leave it as default (factory setting where you'd come off a bank and the same effect would remain in play mode) or designating a particular effect to be the default play effect.

      Can this be done? If so, please do it.


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      So, no one from Eventide is going to step up and answer the request?

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      Eventide Staff

      We don't currently have a plan for doing anything like this, but if enough people ask…you never know.  

      Similarly,  I would like something like this to work like a TV remote control, where you have a last or previous button that would always bounce you back.

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      Thanks for your reply.  As far as the TV remote, go get a Harmony remote and it'll give you more flexibility than you've ever thought possible.  I have a Harmony 880 and that control is a lifesaver.  It can control as many devices as you own and you can have as many as 15 different combinations of your own choosing for "activities", AND, it has a previous button.

      Now, back to the request.  Can't you guys just make that happen for the next batch of firmware updates?  Call it JB's Setting and send me a free t-shirt Wink

      I don't think a petition should be deemed for this feature, as it's something that just makes sense from an operational standpoint.


      P.S.: My t-shirt size is L.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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