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      I've got the latest update installed. I have saved a preset using digital delay a week ago. Today I went back and mucked around in play mode (changing the preset values) and noticed that in bank mode, the preset I saved before mirrors what I just changed in play mode i.e. my saved preset is changing according to play mode settings. I've tested it by changing the settings to vastly different settings and sure enough the preset changes in bank mode. What's going on here? Lucky I only have one preset saved haha.

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      Hi anth,

      From what I'm reading, that seems normal.  The bank/play mode divide is mostly for footswitch operation.  You only call up a saved preset explicitly in bank mode.  If you put it in play mode, it still operates on whichever effect/preset was loaded.  As long as you don't save with the new settings, you should be able to navigate to a different preset and then back to the orginal, retaining the original values. 


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