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      Okay forum monsters, a question for you.

      When in "play" mode, will the Mod & Time Factors keep the adjustments/tweaks at the same setting after you've dilaed in an acceptable tone, or do you push down the encoder button for a few secs to lock in it? I really want to keep basic sounds/settings for live use without using the bank/preset thing, or is it not possible?
      Inquiring minds (no, just an oldtimer) want/need to know.
      Bobby D.

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      Eventide Staff

      Not sure if I am answering the question you are asking, but ..

      The Factor pedals will remember their current knob and related settings, without you having to do anything.

      You could also enable the "catchup" feature, which makes it harder to change knobs by accident.

      The pressing and holding the encoder button business is to save it as a preset, which is recommended if you have something you like, but not essential.

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      I'm getting better at this, I swear, LOL

      At this crazy point in time, I'm using a PedalTrain Junior board (and I swear that it's not going to get any bigger) with the chain looking like this:

      amp send > ModFactor (with Moog EP-1 expression pedal) > TimeFactor > amp return
      using any one of a number of combo's I have in rotation.

      When jumping from any setting on either unit's effects choice's via the encoder in PLAY mode, I just want to know (for instance)…
      I've got my favorite rotary setting/sound with the Mod, and during the session or during live use I want to go to another effect: will the setting that I had for the Rotary position still be there if I tweaked the parameters when in the Chorus position?

      I hope that I've made this question as clear as I think I have, and thanks for the quick support.

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      Eventide Staff

       Uh huh. Getting more complicated now.

      The new PitchFactor will remember the settings for each effect, but they will be lost at power-down – it remembers only the current effect through a power cycle.

      This may not work well on MF or TF with earlier versions of the software – sadly, I cannot be more specific as this is not a documented feature.

      So, you could try it out and see if it works well enough for you.

      Better yet, study the presets, and set it up so you have what you want without it causing headaches.

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      Thanks for the fast response.

      It looks like I will have to go into 'Preset Mode' to keep any tweaks/preferable sounds.
      Both of my 'Factors' have been upgraded to the 2.0 levels, and I'm hoping that for the next upgrade the techs @ E-Tide might include that need which I addressed.

      That is: holding settings from one feature selection to another without 're-tweaking' in the PLAY mode.

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