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      I recently had a death of our guitar player (the other guitar is in my band) his father gave me his pedal board which has an h9 max and two cores on it how do I get them unregistered to him and register them to me? This has all been incredibly heartbreaking for me I hop this isn’t a huge hassle. I don’t know who to contact or if I just register them under my name? Thank you in advance for any info on this.

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      I'm sorry for your loss.

      It's pretty straight forward to have the units unregistered.  You'll want to take a photo of the three serial number stickers on the bottom of the H9s (or alternatively if they're hard to get at you could take a photo of the serial number showing on the display in the units system settings), and then email those photos to and ask for the units to be unregistered for you.

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      Thank you I just figured it out and have sent the photo to support this has all been terrible.for the whole band we just wish he was back thanks

Viewing 2 reply threads
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