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      Hi all, I’m probably 0verthinking things but I got a new power supply (Fender Engine Room) and the cables it comes with have the colors reversed from my previous one – I accidentally had center negative power plugged into the H9 a few times for less than a minute before I realized why it wasn’t turning on and checked everything. It’s working now, so I’m just wondering if it’s safe to keep using it? Would anything have been damaged or does the pedal have reverse polarity protection?

      Thank you!

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      I don’t have a definitive answer about reverse polarity protection with the H9 I’m afraid.

      I have had issues with connectors though, reverse or otherwise, concerns g the future of the centre receptacle. Sadly a whole batch of cables that just didn’t work unless I physically offset the plug (which is a socket really). Sadly not all cables are created equal.

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      Modern devices must have a protection circuit to provide damages in case of connecting with wrong polaraity.

      Especially US and Europe devices a carefully build. Imagine a wrong polaraity causes a device getting hot an your house is burning down…

      Their are special ICs designed for that. This ICs also care for a constant voltage level …

      Reading your device with too high voltages is not possible because different voltage categories have different plugs which don’t fit.

      Enjoy your device

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      Eventide Staff

      The H9 has reverse voltage protection on the power input, so it should be OK.

      Always be careful …


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      For sure, thanks all. I wont take it for granted!

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