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      This concerns the Melodic Minor.  Now let me say first that I am thrilled that the new scales were put in, particularly Harmonic Minor. However it seems that the Melodic Minor is not setting the harmony note correctly  for  a higher third harmony for one note on that scale.

      Let me express myself by example, in the key of C Melodic Minor. For the Bb note (descending), a third is harmonized in the Pitchfactor with C# (or Db, however you want to look at it), i.e. as a minor third above Bb.  But Bb is not even in the Melodic Minor scale!  I would think that a major third would be appropriate as the higher third harmony note here, i.e. using D.

      Perhaps for centuries this is how that note has been harmonized, using a note outside the actual scale, perhaps I am ignorant of that fact, and someone will enlighten me.  However I doubt it, I think this is probably a glitch.

      C, D, E-flat, F, G, A, B, C (ascending)

      C, B-flat, A-flat, G, F, E-flat, D, C (descending)

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      Eventide Staff

      thanks fkalich, I'll take a look at it

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      Thanks.  If you have any problem identifying what I described, please let me know in this thread.  It was a bit difficult to describe the problem, as that scale has two forms, I might have been abstruse in my attempt.


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