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      Hi Eventiders,

      I know this is a bit out there but I’ll make a suggestion anyway.

      So to explain Apart from PA work ( Gearspace member for many moons) I muck about  designing and building electrostatic speakers for fun together with a lot of home theatre stuff .

      So currently in that space ( if you weren’t aware) there’s a few auto calibration systems ( Dirac etc) which all try to manage speaker layout frequency responses, delays, and relative gain. They all have varying degrees of success doing this and many people and pro installers use Room EQ Wizard (REW) to assist these tasks.

      It’s a free program and does a good – although fairly simple job – managing all the various measurements and results for that job.

      Dirac etc do calibrations based on a series of speaker measurements which can be tweaked post implementation.

      But there are no sophisticated tools for that post calibration analysis. Some processors allow multiple calibrations to be stored for various speaker layout usage (eg stereo and Dolby Atmos) plus they allow post calibration changes and additional EQ to be added to each calibration.

      Tweaker heaven 😁

      Dirac says it will showcase their new Spatial analysis system at CEDA in Jan 2023 which could be a game changer and promises the ability to use all speakers in an array to co-optimise a sound field. In other words all speakers will. Be able to provide active EQ for the whole sound field.

      Potential exists for a best-of-breed post calibration set of tools to fine tune these large speaker arrays.

      I know Eventide is not in this space – but I really think there is a case for considering an analysis tool which could provide various  sophisticated analysis and correction options.

      Anyway – as I said – a bit “out there” but it’s a big market !!

      Cheers 😁😁


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