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      There seems to be an error when attempting to copy a Preset from one H9 to another when the ‘Preset Lists’ tab is selected.  Here are the steps to recreate the error…

      Select H9-1.

      Select Preset L1.

      Click ‘More’ and select ‘Copy Preset’.

      Select H9-2.

      Select Preset L2

      Click ‘More’ and select ‘Paste Preset’.

      A Dialog box asks to confirm overwriting L2 with L1.  I click Ok but the operation is not completed as requested.  Instead a seemingly random Preset is written to the destination.

      I have 4 H9’s connected to a PC using USB cables.


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      Hm… Yeah, I don't think we really thought about the possibility of someone copying a preset off of one H9 and onto another H9.  But the UI let's you do that, and there's no reason why that shouldn't work.  So, we'll try to fix that for you…

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