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      Hi fellow posters… 

      question for you.  On the back of the H9 Max it calls for 12v, center +.  However, all spec sheets AND the included adapter are all 9v.  Can someone clue me into the actual power supply requirements?  both work, but I'm a bit confused. 

      also, Eventide's power connector does NOT work with standard power plugs, so I'm unable to power it with a Volto.  The plug won't fit.  How can this be, lol?  Have any others found this as well?

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      9 VDC, 500 mA, center pin (+) only the 2.5mm plugs will fit

      12VDC center pin (+)  also works and sounds slightly better than 9V.

      I wouldn't use anything smaller than 400mA @ 12VDC center pin (+)

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      Thanks so much for your reply!  are there converters, do you know, for those 2.5 mm plugs?  i'm trying to use my h9 with a volto, and of course, that plug doesn't fit, could I use an adapter, thereby delivering the 9v voltage?  Thanks so much again.  

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      You need to be careful, these are not compatible with standard 9v power adapters, which are usually 2.1mm center negative.  You need a special supply, I use a Voodoo lab Pedal power digiital, which comes with the correct adapters and amps required to run these pedals.,

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      Couldn’t you just use this 2.5mm center (+) cable… I have the Volto also, and was wondering if this would work.LMK Thx.


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      Eventide Staff

      The usual warning here (sorry) – a poorly regulated 12v power supply may damage the unit. This will not be covered under its warranty. We are not able to recommend alternative power supplies.



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      I use my H9 plugged into the 9V 500mA  output of the Truetone CS7.  works great.  The Truetone comes with an adapter specifically for Eventide (and others).  the issue is the inner diameter of the plug.  As far as Eventide not supporting damage caused by other manufacturers’ power supplies (yeah, i get it), Trutone staff assured me via email that the CS7 is safe to use w/the H9.  I’ll be saving that email just in case! 😉  Actually now that i think of it, Truetone even states this in their manual so i’m not losing any sleep over it.

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      Thanks. I ordered the 2.5mm

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      I have a power supply that has 10 isolated outputs, but only one is 12v 300ma… according to what I read here, it’s not enough for powering the h90… therefore I need the double current cable…

      but here is my doubt:

      The power supply has 3 outputs of 9v 300mA and only one of 9v 500 mA.
      To reach the 9v 800ma required by the h90 I will have to combine the output of 500ma + one of 300ma… Would there be any problem with combining these different outputs??



      The h90 is amazing!

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