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      I just read the spec and the power factor 2 only comes with three eventide power cables.  Shouldn't 4 come with the unit

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      You should be able to get more from any guitar shop selling pedals. I'm more interested in when units will hit the UK, including the "mounting kit", which I hope is a rackmount kit.

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      The power cables are RCA to 5.5/2.5mm centre positive DC-plug.  not readily available around where I live. Not at GC either.  Just saying, if it is made to power 4 factor pedals it should come with 4 cables to do so.

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      We made a mistake in the product description (probably due to copy and pasting some sections of the original PowerFactor's product description).  The PowerFactor 2 does in fact come with 4 cables.  Thanks for pointing out the mistake.

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      Thanks, Keep up the great work,u guys/gals are the best Yes

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      Voltage selector is 230v/115v. My utility voltage ranges from 232v-249v. Am I to expect any issues when using the 230v setting?

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      Eventide Staff

      Your voltage range will be OK, but the power supply may run a little warmer at the high end.

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