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      Hi all!

      I have an Eventide PowerFactor and I am wondering if it will power the Roland V-Studio 100 and a few other things.  Any help appreciated.

      I know enough about power supplies to know that I don't know anything about power supplies, except that a mismatch can do damage.  I don't know anything about milliamps or anything like that, nor do I know anything about center positive cables or anything like that.

       Here is what I want to power and the information that is on the power supply that came with it.  I won't pretend that I understand anything I am writing here- just copying off the power supply.

      Roland V-Studio 100:  Input 100-240V 0.4A 50-60Hz.  Model PSB-1U

      AdrenaLinn III:  9v DC

      Joe Meek 3Q preamp compressor equalizer:  Input AC 120v 60Hz  Output AC 12V 1000 mA

      Eventide H9:  input 100-240 VAC0/60Hz 0.2A output 9.0v 500mA  I assume that Eventide powers Eventide but best to be sure. 

      All help appreciated.  Thanks!

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      Without going into detail my answer is no to the power factor. I'm not sure if you're trying to power a pedal board or mobile recording studio, but the easiest and cheapest (and best IMO) solutions is the Furman plug lock. if weight is not an issue.

      otherwise, you can contact Paul from Cioks. He help me out to come up with a good solution to power my monster board that had both AC and DC current.

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