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      Hi, I just received my H9 max but there’s a problem with the power input.

      Namely, the supplied power supply enters the slot just fine, but the plugs of my ciocks DC10 just won’t go in. It sees that the central pin of the power input is too big to fit the plugs. I’ve tried with other plugs I have around (a daisy chain, a visual sound one spot) and NOTHING will enter the hole.

      Needless to say, I love the convenience aof having just ONE cord to plug for my pedalboard and having to go around with the dedicated power supply for the H9 would be very annoying. Is there any way to fix or circumvent the problem? An adaptor or anything of the sort?

      I guess I could cut the plug from the dedicated supply and solder it to a different cable but I kind of want to avoid that.

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      Eventide Staff

      If the Eventide power supply fits the H9 power input, that suggests that both are correct.

      I would suggest that you contact Mr. Cioks and ask for the right lead.


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      I tried to insert the wrong type of plug actually.

      For future reference fellow cioks users want to plug in the GREEN plug not the standard black one.

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