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      Hey all,

      Just wondering if anyone has had issues with their wallwart shielding deteriorating around the stress jacket (see dodgy iphone photo)? I've been procrastinating asking about it for some time (very little gigging in the last year), but yeah, it just seems rather fragile (the jacket seems to have very little give) in comparison to my other powersupplies that I've had substantially longer (up to 5 years longer).

      Anyway, just thought i'd see others experiences – it's slightly worrying, and I'm not so hot on buying another power supply (since the shipping cost is more than cost of the power supply!).

      Ps. My power supply is a AustralianNZ power supply (which seems only a little different than the US power supply).

      – Dave

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Dave, we have not had any such reports.  Please send me an email at bhaberman@eventide.com (would be helpful if you would also include the serial # of your unit).

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      I had exactly this problem with my modfactor power supply – eventually expired at a gig !  And then had the joy of shipping a new one – expensive but quick !!

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      I have also had the same problem. Rather than throwing away a good powersupply, I reterminated the cable back onto the board.

      Mine started deteriorating around the relief jacket. It is fused onto the cable, doesn't allow for alot of bending. I usually carry mine in a backpack.

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        What I do with all my gigging wall warts is gaffer the lead (that goes to the pedal) to the side of the wall wart case (around the corner from where it emerges), such that it's always laying in the same direction and you're not bending it in different directions every time you wind it up around the case.

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