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      Hi there,

      Is it okay to use a 9V 1.2A power supply to power a H9? That's more than twice what is needed… 

      I have ordered a replacement but hasn't arrived yet…

      Kind Regards

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      You can have more milliamps but not less. That supply will be fine. Just make sure the polarity is correct. The h9 needs center positive and most power supplies I've seen are centre negative. You can buy an adapter to change the polarities. I had to buy a current doubler and an adapter to power the h9 with a Carl Martin powerblock

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      Eventide Staff

      Do note that while many power supplies will be fine, some may cause damage that will not be covered by warranty.

      Where possible use an Eventide approved supply (see Web Site and Eventide Store). Otherwise, there is an element of risk.

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      I am actually using the space power supply…

      Thanks for the feedback.

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