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              My name is Diego from Argentina (somewhere in South America Smile and I'm new to the Eventide world (though I've been playing guitar for almost 20 years). I have a TF and a recenltly-purchased PF. My problem is that after 2 months of use the PF will power off and on continuously. Could anyone please tell me what seems to be going on? I believe it's the power supply. I have the supply tied to an adapter (220v in Argentina) going straight to a multi plug. Right now I am using the PF with the TF's power supply and everything seems to work fine. But my TF is out!!!!!!!!!! Mind you I bought the pedal new a couple of weeks ago and I've been using it responsibly. Now, if the power supply is the problem, how can I know? Can it be serviced? Is it common to have this issue so early in the pedal's life without any abuse? Please, I need some advice. Sorry about my english (not my main language)…

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      It does sound like the power supply is the problem. If your unit is almost new it should be covered under warranty, so you should talk to your dealer.

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