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      Hi folks!

       LOVE my TimeFactor. 

      However, I'm having an annoying problem… since updating to the latest software, the Aux Switch setting for the 3rd switch (Digitech FS300) doesn't seem to be remembered after powering down and up.

       Basically, when I go into the Aux Switch page of the Utility menu, the Tap -> T&R setting (which I want) is listed, but I have to tap the button twice (once to clear the setting and once to reactivate it) each time I power up. After doing this, it appears to work normally.

      Am I missing a mode, or some other issue? In the past, the 3-switch Digitech footpedal's 3rd button, mapped to Tap Tempo, would work without having to kludge the settings as described above.

      Any help would be most appreciated – and thank you!


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      I am having the same issue with the one-button Boss FS-5U. Each time I power up I have to reassign it for tap tempo. This has only been an issue since updating to the most recent software version. Any thoughts? Thanks.


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      I copied this from a post from some months back:

      You probably have the aux pedal assigned improperly. Hold down the encoder knob and the tap switch. Turn the encoder until it says "aux sw". Then press the encoder again. Turn the encoder and make sure that tap is not assigned to more than one parameter. ESPECIALLY where you can assign FS1, FS2, or FS3 (these are the very last parameters under "aux sw"). You can assign your aux switches to FS1, FS2, and FS3. But you shouldn't have it assigned anywhere else. And, if you want your switches assigned somewhere besides FS1, FS2, or FS3, you shouldn't have anything assigned to FS1, FS2, or FS3. I had the same problem because I had the switches assigned in two places. It's easy to miss assigning FS1, FS2, and FS3 because they are at the very end.

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      Hopefully this link to my post will address this problem:


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       Thank you for the info – yes, I did have my aux switch's T&R applied to both the tap and the loop-stop button. However, I also had the Tip assigned to Loop Play and the Ring assigned to Loop record.

      Since double-assigning the T&R pedal is iffy, How do you folks recommend we use the three pedals (both of the Aux switch and the three built-in pedals) for looper control, bank selection, AND bypass/reverse/tap tempo? Is it possible?



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      On the external footswitch, I use switch "A" to bypass, switch "B" for delay hold, and switch "C" for tap tempo.

      As for the built-in switches, switch "A" selects preset 1, switch "B" selects preset 2, and switch "B" selects the bank.

      Since the tap-tempo switch gets the most wear on my TimeFactor, my main concern was to not wear out any switches on the unit itself. And, it's awkward to switch between bank and preset modes while playing. I'd hate to be without my delay pedal just because of a worn-out switch. If the external switch wears out, I can get one for about $25 at most stores.

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      Thank you for the thoughtful reply and the advice! I think our approaches (and rationale) are similar – I'd rather trashmy aux pedal than the TimeFactor itself.

       And I agree re: the relative difficulty of switching onboard pedal modes during performance – that has really been a frustration with what is an otherwise stellar pedal.

      Have we possibly hit upon a feature request (Choice to override aux pedal assignments for Looper patches)? I may be missing something as I don't feel I've quite mastered the Looper. 

       Whichever, I bet we're pretty off-topic by now so I may add this as a feature request if you don't see a ready solution. 

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      So I just got a timefactor and t1m 3 button aux switch and everything was working great. I rearanged my board and had to unplug the trs cable and power cable and all that jazz. After i did that and then hooked it back up all situated on the board the aux wouldnt work. Only the R button would work. The T and T+R buttons are assigned correctly but the when i click them on the aux switch it wont work. Is this a problem with aux switch or with the trs cable??


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      Eventide Staff

      There are two reasons why the TF may not save settings:

      1) Most likely – you have a faulty or non-Eventide power supply.

      2) Less likely – a hardware fault. We had one batch of units long ago where they installed the wrong component in the powerdown circuit, which can cause this.

      A test of the power down circuit:

      1) Power up.

      2) Select a different preset.

      3) Power cycle.

      4) If the new preset is displayed, all is OK. If the original preset is displayed, the powerdown circuit is bad.


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