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      My apologies if this is in the wrong category.  I didn’t see Powerfactor 2 listed in the categories and thought this was the closest guess since it’s powering all my gear.  

      Well, until yesterday, lol

      Power passes directly through to the other three prong outlet, but the rca power jacks are not providing power any longer.  I’m figuring perhaps a fuse blew?  But I can’t figure out for the life of me how to see or replace it!  The unit is so solid that there’s no popout drawer or anything.  May I ask the oracle for some support?


      Thanks so much.  My pedalboard is out of commission currently and my only option is to buy another powerfactor right away, which I’d love to avoid if possible. 

      Todd Reynolds

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      Would you mind copying and pasting your forum post into an email to support@eventide.com?  I'm not sure if this is something where you might be able to address the problem yourself or whether you might need to send it in, but if you do need to send it in, it's better that we're communicating via email in case we need to send you an RMA (return merchandise authorization form).

Viewing 1 reply thread
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