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      Hi, Im not too good on power so can anyone help me understand how the TimeFactor (which needs 1200ma current) can be powered by one of the isolated 12v outlets on the PowerFactor which provides only 400ma??

      Also, can the EVH Flanger (18v) be powered from the PowerFactor?

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      Eventide Staff

      This is a subject that has been frequently discussed on this forum. But, to save you searching – the TF power supply is (over) rated at 1200mA   this is much more than it needs and is our attempt to make sure there is always plenty of power.

      In practice, it usually takes about 350mA, depending on voltage, which is why the PowerFactor  does the job.

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      I'm using the PowerFactor to power my PitchFactor, ModFactor,and TimeFactor. Plus a couple of other standard pedals (wah/volume, gate, compressor). Works like a charm.

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