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      Hello Guys,

      does the PowerFactor2 will work with my :

      – Pigtronix Infinity looper :  300 mA negative tip at 18 Volt

      – EHX Super Ego:   140 mA at 9 Volt, the polarity of the power jack is center negative

      – Boss SY 300 : 400 mA I guess at 9 Volt  ( it is not specified) 


      Let me know,


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      The Infinity Looper draws 70mA at 18V DC. Please use the included #1022 Stack Flex and the two first outlkets 1 and 2 in the default 9V setting. The two white plugs go into outlets 1 and 2 and the black DC plug goes to the Looper pedal.

      Use outlet 3 or 4 in default 9V setting for the Super Ego with standard black Flex.

      Use outlet 5 or 6 in default 9V setting to power the BOSS.



      Poul Ciok


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      Hi, thanks for your reply,

      On the user guide of the Infinity Looper is written that it requires 300 mA (negative tip) at 18 V,  why did you said that it draws 70 mA?  Maybe it’s not relevant?

      I ask it, because on the user guide of the Pigtronix it says that ” Using wrong power supply is likely to result in a damaged pedal”, so I want to be sure

      Another question:   which outlet will I use with my H9?


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      Well the 70mA figure is the actual current draw of the pedal I’ve measured. Many manufacturers state a wrong or too high figure. If you get the voltage right and the polarity and type of the plug used you are ok. You can’t overpower a pedal and an underpower meaning using a source or outlet with not sufficient mA capability will just result in that the pedal will stop working or be unstable, behave strange if it’s a digital one.


      Poul Ciok

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