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      I know the recommendation is always to use the PSU provided with each H9, but I have an MXR Iso Brick with the following points:


      2 x 9V at 450mA each

      2 x 9V at 300mA each

      2 x 9V at 100mA each

      2 x 6-15V at 250mA each

      2 x 18V at 250mA




      Can any Eventide staff advise whether these inputs can be used safely to power 2 H9s and a Strymon Timeline, or would they advise an alternative power supply? Thanks for your help.

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      Eventide Staff

      As ever, we can't recommend other manufacturer's power supplies (sorry). We don't have the resources to test them, nor information on internal changes following such a test.

      I would suggest you either contact the manufacturer, or await Forum replies from other users. Or ask yourself if you are feeling lucky.


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