Powering all Factor pedals, plus 11 others… Any thoughts?

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      Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how I could power all of the following?

      All four Factor pedals
      Wampler Slostortion, Ego Compressor and Velvet Fuzz
      EHX Ravish Sitar
      Source Audio Pro Poly Mod, and Soundblox 2 Multiwave Distortion
      Empress ParaEQ and Buffer +
      Mission Engineering Expressionator
      TC Electronics Polytune
      Zvex Box of Rock

      I was originally going to go for a Voodoo Labs Mondo, or Cioks Ciokolate to mount underneath my Pedaltrain, but they don't quite have enough DC outputs to power everything! I've looked at a Powerfactor 2 and a Cioks DC10/Voodoo Labs PP2+ or the Gig Rig modular power stuff. Any ideas?

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      2 x Powerfactor 2's, thus using 2 outlets on your power conditioner. That'll give you 8x 12v and 8x 9v outlets.

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      If you email Paul Coiks he will hook you up.

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