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      hi there ! 

      just got a H9 core to make demo for eventide france. 

      sounds so good that I bought it.

      I used it with the original supply and finally plugged it into the 9V 300mA of my voodoo lab iso 5. 

      dont hear no difference, loss of quality or anything…does it look good to you guys ? 


      thanks ! 



      BTW…here’s the demo…





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      If you under power an H9 as you're doing, it might cause Bluetooth not to work or cause updating to not work.  That kind of functionality is more power hungry.  I'm also not sure if the H9 will properly save its settings when you turn it off.

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      Voodoo lab said «  The ISO-5 high current output is actually capable of at least 400mA, we used to label them a bit too conservatively. 😉

      The H9 has an actual current draw that is well under 400mA, so this is a perfectly safe setup you have.

      I hope that helps! »

      It looks good to me, I’ll test with some bluetooth / saving operations !

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