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      Hi Greg,

      MXLNK draws about 120mA minimum w/Phantom power active. So your suggestion to use a current doubler cable with PP2+ should should work fine.




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      Thanks jwaltz…

      FYI for folks that may run across this later… I recieved an email from Eventide support saying the following…

      Hi Greg,

      I’m sorry, but we only recommend using Eventide power supplies to power our products. The Mixing Link needs 9VDC 500mA of power to use the phantom power function, as provided by the included power supply. I don’t believe that the Pedal Power 2 + can provide that. Sorry.

      Best Regards,

      Jerome Hyman  

      Audio Support Technician

      Tel: 201-641-1200

      Email: jhyman@eventide.com

      That said, I used the current doubleing cable with 2 ports from VodooLabs power 2+ (ports 1 and 2, which each provide 100mA of current, so 200mA total) and the eventide works fine. The VodooLabs power 2+ also has two ports that send higher current (ports 5 and 6 send 250mA each so with a current doubling cable you can reach the suggested curret draw (500mA) recommended by Eventide)

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      I’d like to power my MixingLink with a Voodoo Labs pedal power 2+. And also run the phantom power for a mic.

      Using a single barrel power cord works fine (which I assume is just like running it on a (9V battery)) but the phantom power doesnt power the mic. Which makes sense… the manual says you cant use the phantom power when powereing the Mixinng Link via a 9V battery

      If I get a current doubling cable from voodoo labs will that work? Each port on the pedal power is 100mA, so using the current doubler would step it up to 200mA. Will that be enough juice to use the phantom power?


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