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      Here is a small preset i made: A monosampler built around the delaymodule, to be used as a sidechain effect. No signal untill you press pedal1 (sustainpedal). Then the signal is let into the delay line, adjust feedback to 0 for infinite looping.(Signal is then in digital loop so no degradation occurs). Adjust Loop-rate (tempo) in BPM.

      Inside VSIG: The Extcontrolmodule outputs 0 when pedal is UP and 1 when pedal is pressed. VMONITOR module is just to display the pedalvalue.

      Before first use, set up Extcontrol menu in Eventide to 'tip1' for pedal (or 'tip2' if using pedal2).

      Main learning here was:
      – How to interface sustainpedal into preset and
      – How to setup tempo to display in BPM.

      Comments for improvement appreciated,

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      Looks entirely credible to me – good work !

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