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      Question on the preset knob. I always use the preset knob to change the preset number. But when you accidentally touch it twice and turn the wheel you come in the algoritm menu. But once you are in there I don’t know how to get out and come in the preset menu again. Pressing the preset knob again or turning the wheel doesn’t help. On my last gig I was stuck because of that. So how do I go back to the preset menu when I am in ‘algoritm mode’? And where do you use the algoritm mode on the pedal itself for?

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      Pressing the PRESETS switch again should get you back into normal presets mode. You may be confused by the fact that if you are in Alg mode and turn the knob, it will create a "preset 0" using the now visible algorithm, and this is what you will see if you press the preset switch. Turning the wheel will show the normal presets. The 0 indicates that it is a temporary preset that has not been saved. It will go away if you turn the knob.


      • Preset 5 (LESLIE) is visible.
      • Press PRESETS switch.
      • ROTARY (the alg from LESLIE) is now visible. If you do nothing it will return to presets mode in 2 seconds. Otherwise…
      • Turn the knob 1 click clockwise.
      • Shows TREMLO, the next algorithm.
      • If you either wait 2 seconds or press the PRESETS switch, it will show 0.TREMLO, as described above.
      • Turn knob again
      • It returns to 5.LESLIE.

      The purpose of algorithm is is for creating new presets – you can select the alg, then tweak it to make the preset. You can of course always start from an existing preset.


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      ok thanks. Is that in the manual somewhere?

      Somehow I find this very confusing and not very logical. I never use the pedal itself for algorithm stuff. I find editing algorithms so much easier with the software

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