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      I have stored a preset in my Time factor(v3)….a short delay for reggae style…When I recall that Preset after some minutes the Preset loose the tempo that I have stored…with an another (more long) tempo. This problem is only on that bank….so I copy that Preset in an another bank…sane problem, the tempo change in the first and the second one!
      I play with time factor from Two years..touring everywhere in europe…and e erything was ok, from a week ago i have This problem, only for that reggae Preset!…I try to restore that several times…but after a while tempo change!
      Yesterday I try to set the tempo of my Preset with ms, not with tap tempo….with the tempo off function, and it's ok (now)…But I am not sure If that is the problem…only for that bank ?
      Anibody can help me?

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      Do you have an aux switch connected? Is anything possibly transmitting MIDI tempo data to the TF? Is Global Tempo on or off? Any additional details you can provide (system settings, aux switch and MIDI connections, etc.) might hold a clue about why this happened.

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