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      Hello  everybody

      Merry  Christmas!

      i recently  purchased this legendary machine and i am truly excited already by it's sound..! However, as this has never been updated (from the previous owner) i was wondering if i should do so. I read in some Manuals in this website about updating, which state that its kinda risky and not absolutely necessary. Currently i am running the operating system version 4. Are there are direct benefits from updating?

      Also, i am very very much interested in any new presets/banks that might be available for the H8000. I read that some have been added to the new update (v.5.5). Is that true? How could i add these to the existing list of presets of my H8000? Do i need to update/upgrade to do that?

      Any info would be most appreciated!!

      Many thanks!!


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      Eventide Staff

      To add any new presets in later versions you would need to update (and probably should if you are on V4). We normally suggest that people not upgrade lightly because there is work and confusion involved. In your case it might be worthwhile.

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      hi Nick,

      thank you very much for the help.

      i have now upgraded to 5.6, everything went well Smile

      does this operating system come with new presets? if not, could you please tell me how could i obtain & add the news ones in the system? any help would be most appreciated.

      also, another quick question….the previous owner told me that the internal battery is due to be replaced and indeed every time i turn the unit on a note comes up saying that '' I sense that the internal memory is new, would you like to erase it ''Yes or No''.

      So i was wondering exactly what type of battery i should get and if it is relatively easy to replace it myself or i need a specialist? Lastly, is it something quite important to address or not?

      best wishes


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      Eventide Staff

      5.6 does come with new presets – they are probably there. Look on the Support section of the Web Site for the Presets Manual for info.

      It does sound as though you need to change the battery – I won't be able to look it up until the new Year, but do a search on these forums and you should find the type number. It's not hard to change – you need a cross-point screwdriver to remove the top of the unit.

      It is important – they last about 5-10 years, but your unit may be older.

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