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      Hello, everyone!

      I have a problem achieving what I want with Vsig. May you please help me with that, I'm new to VSIG and don't yet know all the modules. Below is the relevant part of my Vsig file.

      What I want go get is the GATE2 to open when the COMPARATOR outputs 1 and to close when it outputs -1. More generally speaking, I want the delay1 to be mixed into the output only when input signal level has been below a threshold for some time (PEAK does that for me). The comparator works just fine (i can see it using the 'debug' MENUPAGE, but the GATE doesn't react to it, probably because it listens to singal level in dB, but not a 'raw value' like -1 or 1. Please tell me how to make it work like expected! Thank you.

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      The problem was solved by adding a BOUND module after the comparator, however I'm not sure if this is an optimal solution.

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      Eventide Staff

      There are usually many solutions to these issues, some better than others.

      In your case I notice that you are feeding the COMPARATOR output to the sidechain input of the GATE2. This may not work too well, at the comparator output is in effect DC, whereas the sidechain expects real audio..

      Probably better to either:

      1) Dump the comparator and send real audio to the sidechain input – you can then use the GATE2's threshold level to determine when it cuts in.

      2) Or, if you really want on/off type control, use an AMPMOD instead of the GATE2. You would also need an ABS to constrain the COMPARATOR output to the range 0 to 1 (otherwise it will be -1 to +1).

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