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      Hi, I'm trying to update my Pitchfactor to 5.0.0[1] (it's been awhile since my PF has been updated) but I keep getting an Error mssg. The process seems to go smoothly until it says "Erasing", then it just seems to frreze up, and then I get an error mssg telling me to reboot the device. I have the PF USB'd to my PC, and I have updated it before without any issues. Please advise. Thx.

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      Are you trying to update your PitchFactor using the Eventide Update Utility?  This particular problem came up during the beta, and we found that if you restarted your PitchFactor into update mode by turning it off and then on again with the middle footswitch pressed, and then launched the update application with it already in update mode, then you wouldn't get this problem anymore.  Let us know if that works for you.

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      That did the trick – thank you for the lightning fast response, I greatly appreciate it. Smile

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