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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Tim

      For obvious reasosn, I am not familiar with the Line6 Helix, so hopefully you will forgive my ignorance.

      But, what do you mean by a "patch cable" ?

      How is it connected, and what is its purpose ?


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      Hi Nick,

      I have the Helix and H9 connected by a regular midi cable. Purpose is that I want to use the helix to control the H9 – send program changes, activate, parameters, et cetera and integrate this in the Helix as such. 

      So, I connect it via midi – much like this guy ( ) – and connect the H9 to one of the FX loops on the helix. However, as soon as I connect the 6.3 monojack cables from the Helix send 1 to the H9’s mono in, the H9 stops listening to program changes. 

      Does that clarify my issue?

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      Hi all,


      I have a very strange issue with controlling my Eventide H9 with my Line 6 Helix. Everything is set-up properly in both the H9 Control app and on the Helix; as long as there is just a midi cable connecting both devices, I can give all the messages required.

      However, the moment I connect a patch cable from the H9 to the Helix, the H9 stops following  Midi commands sent by the Helix. Take the cable out, and it starts working again.

      I have ruled out groundloops – tried insulated power supplies, other wallwarts, et cetera – or other such matters, and am truly lost at what to truy next. Did any of you encounter this and have any idea what could cause this behavior?




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      Is this a dynamic thing, or is it the same if you cold boot your Helix and h9 with the cables all already connected?

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      Eventide Staff

      I'm thinking that you have a bad cable or a bad socket such that one side of the MIDI is connecting to ground on the H9, and when you connect your jacks, this shorts it out.

      First step – try different MIDI cables.


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